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The nonprofit sector is at an inflection point. The core business of philanthropy hasn’t fundamentally changed since 1889 with the drafting of The Gospel of Wealth by Andrew Carnegie.  As for-profit businesses are investing billions in their data infrastructures at a rapid pace, the nonprofit sector still largely relies on anecdotal information to inspire and guide relationships.

But now, with advances in Artificial Intelligence technologies we hold the key to unlocking human generosity in a way unlike any other time in history. Taking research and current examples of how artificial intelligence technologies are being harnessed in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, Precision Philanthropy explores how generosity, when informed by machine-learning can benefit humanity in a more powerful way than any time in history.

Making a case for investment and practical tips on how to start exploring machine-learning technologies, authors, Nathan Chappell and Nathan Fay share how, and why the third philanthropic age will become known as an era of “Precision Philanthropy”.

UPDATE: We have made the difficult decision to push back the release of Precision Philanthropy to allow us the time to properly address the importance of data use and privacy of data as seen recently in the news. We want to ensure we are very thoughtful about our approach. We consider an individual’s data to be sacred and want to make sure that our work reflects that belief. We will post the new release date soon so make sure to check back in on the website.

Recently, Precision Philanthropy was featured on the DonorSearch Flash Class hosted by Jay Frost. Click here to listen to the talk:

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Nathan Chappell, MBA, MNA, CFRE

Nathan serves as Senior Vice President of Philanthropy at City of Hope, one of the nation’s top National Cancer Institutes. He holds a Master in Nonprofit Administration from University of Notre Dame, a Master in Business Administration from University of Redlands, and a certificate in International Economics from University of Cambridge.

For almost two decades, Nathan has supported humanitarian missions within the nonprofit sector. As a subject matter expert on nonprofit operations, Nathan speaks frequently on how nonprofit organizations must harness business intelligence to survive in an information economy. 


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Nathan Fay, MA, CFRE

Nathan serves as Associate Vice President of Prospect Development at City of Hope, one of the nation’s top National Cancer Institutes, where he provides leadership for the Business Intelligence, Prospect Research, Prospect Management, Grateful Patient, and Records Management units. 

Previously, Nathan spent 11 years in various roles at Stanford University, including 7 as Director of Data Analytics and Prospect Research. Nathan is a sought-after speaker in management philosophy and business intelligence.

He is a scholar of philosophical systems with an emphasis on applying philosophy to create a more socially just society. He earned an MA from Hebrew College and a BA from University of Georgia.


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